Pretty Guestbook

A guestbook is a book of guests that allows the visitors of a website to leave a trace of their passage. Therefore, a guestbook makes a website more interactive and adds a new service. Pretty Guestbook is a colorful guestbook, realized with PHP language and based on text files. It has many interesting features.


The guestbook has the following features:
> Captcha anti-spam control
> Administration panel to delete messages
> Posts pagination
> Max number of letters for words in the post
> It is possible to insert in the post the email address and the url of a website
> Text-based guestbook, therefore there is no needing of a database


Deleting unwanted posts is very simple. Near each post, there is an ID number. Remember the ID of the post that you want to delete and click on the icon with a shape of desk, at the top of the guestbook. Insert the password (that you have set first in CONFIG.PHP file) and then the ID number. The post now is deleted.


Live demo



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