The bingo of Tuttophp

If you’re tired of playing bingo in the traditional manner with boards, beans and so on, this is the program for you! It is a bingo developed by me, that you can play on computer. You just need to install a small package that you can find at the bottom of this page to play in an original way to bingo.
The program shows on screen all the numbers from 1 to 90 that can be extracted. Whenever a number is extracted, the color of the cell that hosts the number changes and so it is easy  to manage all extracts. The program includes two buttons, one for the extraction of the next number and another to repeat the extraction of last number … for distracted people … 🙂

And if you are lazy and do not want to pronounce the extracted numbers, the program will do it for you, you can just activate an option that allows the program to pronunce the number for you.
Join the bingo of Tuttophp!

PS: Actually, the bingo is only in Italian language



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